No Junk Removal Job is Too Big or Too Small for Hart & Son Inc!


No Junk Removal Job is Too Big or Too Small for Hart & Son Inc!

DCC26D66-0F70-434C-8692-842AEB591212       It is very important to have a custom approach when it comes to the junk removal business to fit your customers needs.  From a bulk pickup to a house cleanout or couch removal to contractor cleanup, Hart & Son Inc. has the right equipment, tools, knowledge and personnel to fit the needs of any size junk removal job.   Hart & Son Inc. has different size trucks for all different types of work for a large range of customers such as stores, restaurants, property management companies, contractors and the residents of our community.   A property management group that manages a 40-acre apartment complex in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania recently had a large junk removal project completed.

            After many years, they organized their basement locker storage units and found that there were quite a number of lockers that were occupied but hadn’t been rented in a while.  They received a referral from another property management group customer of ours and contacted us.  While on site we were told to estimate between 60 to 70 storage units that needed to have the contents removed.  



       Because we have multiple different trucks, we were able to propose two different methods of disposal and corresponding pricing.  One way we proposed was using our 25 yard trash truck and removing all the contents in one day with a large crew.  The second was to charge by the dumpster load with a smaller crew and it might take a couple of days to remove all the contents from the 60-70 units.  The customer was very happy we could offer more than one option for removal and they chose the option with the trash truck.




       Not all the storage units with contents were to be disposed which made planning and labeling a must.  The customer provided us with a list of units to be disposed and we marked them the day before the job in ensure accuracy.  On a Saturday, we arrived with a 25 yard trash truck, hook truck with 20 yard dumpster and a crew of 13 people.  We broke down into smaller groups and tackled the job in one day.  The customer was thrilled to have such a large project done in one day.  We are proud to provide our customers throughout Delaware County, Mainline, and Philadelphia with exceptional custom junk removal service tailored to their needs.  We are one of a very few junk removal companies in Delaware County, Mainline and Philadelphia to use a trash truck on site for junk removal.  This makes larger jobs  efficient by making fewer trips to the dump and keeping the workers loading the debris until the job is complete.  The trash truck is also great for areas that dumpster placement is prohibited.


We were glad to help remove unwanted junk for our customer in the mainline area and look forward to doing more work for them in the future and the residents of Delaware County, Mainline, and Philadelphia areas.