Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order a Dumpster?

You can order in 3 easy ways. We would be glad to help just give us a call/text at (610) 656-9177 or email us at We will need the delivery address and some billing information to schedule the dumpster delivery.

Where Can I Place the Dumpster?

We recommend placing the container on a dry, level surface, that will ensure easy access for the driver to remove the container when you are finished. If planning to place the dumpster in a driveway, we recommend covering the surface with plywood to prevent any damage. If using the street, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain any necessary town or borough permits. For Philadelphia residents, please see the link below to obtain a permit. Dumpsters can also be placed on lawns, but be advised that this option will likely result in some damage to the lawn due to the weight of the dumpster.
**We are not responsible for any damage to your property as a result of dumpster placement**

Residents of the City of Philadelphia can obtain permits using
Our License Number is : #378099

What Does the Price Include?

Our pricing is for a one time fill of the dumpster. It covers delivery and disposal up to the dumpsters’ tonnage capacity. We do not believe in hidden fees, so there are no fuel surcharges or environmental fees. If the dumpster tonnage capacity is exceeded, we will charge you a fee per ton.

How Far in Advance do I Need to Order?

One day notice is always preferred but in most cases, we can deliver the dumpster the same day. We understand how important a dumpster can be to keeping a project on schedule. Give us a call at (610) 656-9177 to check our availability.

How Can I Pay for my Dumpster?

All dumpsters are paid for upon delivery. We accept cash and credit cards.

What Can I Not Put in the Dumpster?

Unacceptable waste includes hazardous, toxic, flammable (propane tanks), medical, or infectious waste, asbestos, paint, tires, and freon.

Dirt, brick and concrete are all acceptable materials but when mixed with trash can very easily put you over the tonnage capacity. Please separate whenever possible. If you need a dumpster for clean fill or concrete, please let us know.

How Long is the Dumpster Rental Period?

Each dumpster comes with a 10 day rental period. If you’d like to extend your rental period, please notify us. There is an additional fee for each day over the rental time period.

What Days are Available for Delivery/Pickup?

Delivery and pick up can be scheduled any time Monday – Saturday. Sunday accommodations can be made if necessary.

We make every effort to ensure prompt service. When your dumpster is ready call us at (610) 656-9177 or email us at and we’ll have your dumpster removed within 48 hrs.

Do I Have to be There When the Dumpster is Delivered/ Picked Up?

Not necessarily. If you have already paid and instructed us where to place your dumpster, you need not be present.

Do You Supply Wood to Protect my Driveway?

Yes, we supply wood planks to protect our customer’s driveway as needed. Although, we supply this service, we are not held responsible for any damage to your property from your dumpster rental.