Benefits to Cleaning Out Your Basement, Attic or Garage


Benefits to Cleaning Out Your Basement, Attic or Garage

Basements, attics and garages are often remote areas of our homes are that great to use as storage. Because these areas are usually low traffic, it’s easy to let the things you store in these places to add up over time and fill the space to capacity. Over time, items like old furniture, baby items, old clothes, exercise equipment, sentimental items and other random stuff can really pile up. This could lead your storage space into a disorganized free for all pile where all items that currently don’t fit into your home go to live. This results in unsightly junk area that is missing an opportunity for a space that could be better utilized. Here are some of the benefits of a basement, attic, and garage cleanout.


Donate Unwanted/Forgotten Items

         Its always hard to let go of some things so we place them in storage to be used for a later date and those items just pile up.  Cleaning out your basement, attic or garage space allows for you to donate any unused items to people who need them.  There are great non-profit organizations in Delaware County, PA that will take your gently used items such as Green Drop (Aston, PA; Broomall, PA; Newtown Square, PA; Narberth, PA or Media, PA; Conshoshocken, PA; West Chester, PA),  or the Salvation Army (Chester, PA; Darby, PA; Collingdale, PA; West Chester, PA).

Add More Storage Space/ Reclaim Space

        Getting rid of unwanted items could free a lot of good real estate inside your home.  This space could be reclaimed and used as family rooms, man caves, car space, or just store other more important items.

Improve Air Quality in Home

       Dust and mold thrive in dark moist areas in our homes.  Cleaning out these areas with less traffic will remove those harmful particles that could very well end up in our family’s lungs.

Pest Control

       Rodents, spiders, silverfish, and termites like to nest in old boxes and clothes etc. Cleaning out the nooks and crannies with help keep these critters away.

Expose Underlying Problems

       Removing unwanted junk will allow you to see the forgotten areas for any damaged or deterioration that you might not have seen while the junk was present.  Some problems could be leaks, faulty wiring, plumbing, mold, and more.  The quicker you can notice a problem, the better.


Once your basement, attic or garage junk has been cleaned out, you should feel good being less cluttered and more organized. Check out our dumpster browser on our dumpster page to see what size dumpster fits your needs.