Junk Removal Services- Cleanouts versus Dumpster Rental

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Junk Removal Services- Cleanouts versus Dumpster Rental

You have junk that has accumulated but what do you do?

A lot of people will not admit that somewhere inside or outside their house is an accumulating pile of junk. Things we may have saved for a later time, old furniture, items from an old renovation, or unused household items are all some of the things that can be creating an eyesore. You have more than one option when it comes to removing junk from your house or business. One option is renting a dumpster, filling it yourself and the junk will be hauled away and disposed. Another option is the hire a junk removal service company who will help you sort, remove your unwanted items, haul it away and disposed it properly.


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Renting a dumpster and loading it yourself could cost less money than a junk removal service but you will need to check with your township/borough to see if you need to apply for a permit for the dumpster rental. The customer is responsible for any permit fees. The dumpster rentals come with usually 1 week rental. If you need it longer, just ask. With the dumpster you can sort and load at your leisure and if you don’t have to do it all at once. Each dumpster will come with a tonnage capacity and if you exceed it, you will be required to pay an additional fee per ton. Example: a 10 cubic yard dumpster rental includes a 2 ton (4000lbs) weigh limit, if you have a lot of heavy material loaded in the dumpster and it weighs more than 2 tons, you will be charged a fee per ton for the overage. Also, clearing and moving the junk, you have a high risk of injury. Cuts, bruises, and back strains are just some of the injuries you may encounter. You will be required to sort the area, carry the junk items to the dumpster and fill the dumpster. This can be very time consuming especially if you are doing it alone.

Junk removal services is more time efficient than loading a dumpster yourself. Whether the junk is in your garage, basement, attic or somewhere else their friendly personnel can help you sort and clear out the area and haul all the junk away for you. The trained professionals can help you get your project completed in a fraction of the time and will leave the area broom swept as needed. This will give you time for more productive work or just time to relax. The cost will be based on the junk removal job. There is no tonnage capacity that you may exceed. It will also save you time and money because you will not need to obtain a permit.


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Some companies like Hart & Son Inc offer live load dumpsters. They will bring a rental dumpster to your location and you load the dumpster within a certain time frame (example- 1 or 2 hours). This is a hybrid of both options but it will cost more than renting a dumpster and you will still have the risk of injury because you will be loading all the junk into the dumpster.
No matter what option you choose, it’s always a great idea to declutter and remove any junk. Give Hart & Son Inc a call and we can discuss which option would be best for you.